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Questions About Endoscopy

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Hello all! I'm almost positive my mother and I have Celiacs Disease, but we have decided to get tested anyway. We both went to "one of the best doctors in the area". They have set her up for an endoscopy and a colonoscopy sometime next month. Every person I have talked to that was tested, has had both a colonoscopy and an endoscopy but for some reason however, my doctor only wants to give me a colonoscopy. Now maybe I am totally ignorant to how this disease and it's testing works, but I was under the impression that I needed to get a piece of my stomach tested and I don't think you can can get there in a colonoscopy. A good family friend of mine who has Celiacs Disease brought this up to me, and now I'm worried I can't trust my Doctor. The blood work has been sent off, and now I have to wait... but I don't want the procedure to come around next week and waste my time with a doctor who isn't doing what he's supposed to. Please share stories and advice. Thank you!

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I had both a colonoscopy and gastroscopy and am glad I did. I was told that the gastroscopy was to check for celiac (biopsies) and the colonoscopy was to rule out any other potential problems. Several biopsies were taken from each. If I were you I'd really push for that.

Were you told you need to eat gluten (and lots of it) for at least two months prior to the scopes? My surgeon, doctor and dietician told me to eat the equivalent of 4 pieces of bread each day (starting gradually). I did so for three months and frankly I loved it as I have no symptoms (I am a silent celiac).

The best of luck. :)

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A colonoscopy does not test for celiac disease. Period.


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Both procedures are usually done.

The endoscopy is to look for damage to the villi in the upper part of the small intestine (diagnostic of celiac disease).

The colonoscopy is to ensure that there are not other problems present in the colon. It cannot diagnose celiac disease, since the damage caused by celiac disease is not in the colon.


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