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so frustrated.... finally got someone to read them to me over the phone:

IgA negative (I wonder if that means they didn't test)

tTG - under 2 - range 0-3

tTG Igg - under 2 range 0-5

immunglobulin a,qn - 186 - range 70-400

Everything looks negative... don't know what the last one means.

I am so lucky to have a twin sister who has not been off gluten and going for test on Monday. It is so frustrating that my doctor is not communicating with me. I would never have known that being gluten free for a week b4 test would invalidate the test until I go back on glutin for about 3 months IF it hadn't been for this board. Being back on gluten was horrible. I wish there was some other way to figure this out :( I am back off gluten either way. I posted this elsewhere but my symptoms are not going away as fast and neither are my daughter's. Why is that?

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The last test was a test for total serum IGA. It is run as a control to make sure that your body produces normal amounts of antibodies in general. Yours does, so therefore the other test results are validated (if you had been eating gluten, that is :P ). And yes, your results were solidly in the negative range. Can't comment on the first one as only a conclusion was given.

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