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Interpreting Test Results?

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I've gotten stomach aches since I was a kid, or at least a teenager. They got so bad in college, I ended up dropping an early morning class. Over the years they have come and gone and I have suffered through many nights in moderate to severe pain that nothing seemed to help. I had been to doctors over the years but no one ever really gave me any explanation.

This week I went in for a regular check-up and to have the standard blood tests done. I talked with my doctor about the gas and bloating that I have had in recent months and the painful stomach aches that I have gotten for many years. She tested for celiac disease. I got a call a few days ago from the nurse who said "I tested positive for the antibodies which suggest celiac or gluten intolerance." I asked that she send me the results. (I think a part of me was hoping they were wrong. So I had to see it for myself.)

I received the results today, but I have no idea how to read them. Here are the results:

Component--------------------------------------Latest Ref Rng------------4/5/2011

ANTIGLIADIN IGG------------------------------U/ML-----------------------100 (H)

ANTIGLIADIN IGA------------------------------U/ML-----------------------102 (H)


TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE IGA--------Low: <4 U/ML------------->33.0 (H)

IMMUNOGLOBULIN A, REF LAB------------81 - 463 MG/DL-----------235

INTERPRETATION, REF LAB.---------------------------------------------SEE NOTE*

*but there was no note.

I feel like I am missing information. But I definitely don't understand these results, well all except for the word 'positive'. I guess I'm still trying to deny the doctor's 'orders' to remove gluten. However I do want to feel better.

Part of me knows that if I do eat gluten free and I start feeling better that I just may break down and cry, because I suffered for so many years and I could have done this years ago and felt better all this time.

Can anyone help me decipher these results?

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The (H) indicates high. ALL your tests were positive. (The last one for total IgA is "normal" but is only used to indicate whether or not the other IgA tests are readable.)

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