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Debbie B in MD

My Daughter Has Follow Up With Gi Today

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We are going to the GI today. Her blood work was really positive, so this is really for confirmation I guess. I think I will decline an endoscope. She is responding well to the gluten-free diet. Her d and c is much better. Hopefully, this doc will be well informed. We shall see.

I am having symptoms this week. My muscle pain is back in my shin and forearm. It must be from some sort of cross contamination. I bought Boar's Head. I know that is fine, but I think there was cc from the cutting. I really hope that is it. I thought of this yesterday after I had more for lunch. The tingling then burning has been building up since I bought the meat, so it seems like this could be it.

I'll let you know what the doctor says.

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