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Celiac Symptoms, Have Been Diagnosed With Ibs And Uc

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Hi everyone. I have been looking into a gluten free diet for quite some time, as I have been diagnosed and treated for IBS and Ulcerative Colitis for about 8 years. My last colonoscopy was also 8 years ago, and I have been on medication that just does not seem to be helping. Tonight I spoke with a friend, and she said she was misdiagnosed with IBS and colitis by many different doctors until she found one that told her she had Celiac. I am wondering if this is the case with me as well, as I looked up the symptoms and counted 9 (out of 11) that I have. I am just here for some advice in the next steps I should take, if any at all. My health and quality of life have gone down significantly in the last few years as a result of this illness, and I am willing to do ANYTHING at this point to make it better. Any advice would help, thanks so much!

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Hello, and welcome.

Do you have a primary care physician from whom you could request a celiac blood panel? In view of your continuing symptoms and the failure of the medication to help this would seem to be a reasonable request. The celiac panel consists of the following tests:

Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgA

Anti-Gliadin (AGA) IgG

Anti-Endomysial (EMA) IgA

Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA

Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) IgA and IgG

Total Serum IgA

You can read about the various tests here:


Some doctors don't want to run the whole panel, but we have found that you can test positive on some and not on others. The DGP is the newest test. The total serum IgA is an important test because if you are a low IgA producer it invalidates all the IgA tests and they have to run the IgG versions of them. Doctors like to try and get by with just the tTG because this one is specific for damage to the small intestine, and biopsy proven damage to the small intestine is the "gold standard" for celiac disease. But if I were you I would ask for the AGA, EMA, tTG, DGP and total serum IgA.


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