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Ok, Was Back In The Emergency Room. How Do I Get Tested?

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Ok Saturday Night The pain grew unbearable. Stomach was absolutely agonizing the pain was just awful. I drove to the emergency room, they checked for all the emergency type issues like pancreas, liver, gallbladder, appendix. All via a blood test. Everything came back as completely healthy and normal. They did an EKG just to make sure, normal. Gave me a GI cocktail and some fluids and I started to get some relief. albeit it minor relief. Then was given 2 percocets and sent home. The first percocet allowed me to have a semi normal day yesterday. But I do not want to end up back in the ER. My primary doctor tested me when I was gluten free and of course it was negative. I did also have an endoscopy when I was gluten free and they never checked.

I have been eating gluten for months now so I could get tested again. Properly. However I do not trust that the doctors know what they are doing. I have tried to schedule an appointment with a GI, and its months before any are available. I can't keep doing this routine, and yes I need a diagnosis(multiple) reasons.

My question, what test do I request and how do I know the doctor orders the right test and that he knows how to interpret the results? I can't waste another $300 on the wrong test or a dr. screwup.

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Copy this and take it to your doc. They might pay attention to it as it is from an actual hospital & doctor. Make an appointment with your primary care. You could mail a copy to your primary care doc & bring one with you. Highlight the specific tests you need. Ask the doc to write the specific tests on the lab draw sheet. Keep another copy with you when you get the blood drawn & ask them if these are what they are drawing. Many places have a "celiac panel" of standard tests they run and they aren't always what you need.


Good luck.

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