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Scalloped Folds In Duodenum?

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Following up on my post yesterday....

Had endo today because of elevated ttg last month.

The nurse said I have scalloped folds in my duodenum and that it usually means celiac but will need to see what the biopsy shows?

Anyone with high ttg and scalloped folds but not celiac disease?? What is the significance of "scalloped folds"?

I was pretty groggy so i dont remember much of what they told me. I do recall the nurse telling me there is gluten free beer though which is alittle odd....lol...i dont even drink.

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With a high positive blood test and the scalloping you are definately in the right place. The scalloping is typical of celiac. You can now go gluten free, you don't need to wait on the biopsies. You do need the diet regardless of the biopsy result.

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