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Celiac ? Or Gluten Intolerance?

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it all started back in feb 23 i started having diareah

so i stoped taking my vit, it kept up, ok so i quit my new pain meds,(for back surg a couple of years ago, can not seem to get pain management),

so im still having diareah gone to the dr on the 3rd of march mentioned it "its just the stomach flu" ok 2 weeks passed its getting worse im now off all medications including nexium

go back to dr she gave me some meds to take to stop the diareah omg bad idea major pain in right side , bowels making all sorts of noises, stoped taking that right away i just took one, ok go back to dr she gave me new pills to take to cause diareah (wtf?) ok took one of thoes gawd awful pain, and of course made it worse

then i developed asthmatic cough and feeling so run down and horrible then im puking and water is not even staying in me what ever went in came out with in the count of 10

so i was rushed to the hosp, i was really bad dehydrated and at one point i was passing bowel tissue had an emerg colonoscopy but there was fear my bowels were coloapsing

after the colonoscpoy i was sent home to go on a liquid diet

i go back to the dr and he said he did not find anything and that he wants a upper gi done i have to go to the xray dept on the 6th of june and wants to test for celiac

so i talk to my family members and yes there is celiac in the family

i get blood work done not sure of the results yet

i went gluten free 4 days ago been off lactose since feb 29th

so here are my symptoms (wondering if this could be celiac)

the obvious diareah lol

bloating after consumeing beer,pasta ect

joint pain

joint swelling

all over body swelling feeling

retaining fluid

back pain

asthmatic cough

intensional pain upper and lower

right side pain more so than left but left does hurt

depression and irritably

i have been off work for about 2 months now (cashier grocerie store)

and is there withdrawl symptoms of going gluten free?

and i have this test coming up what type of prep should i do before this test all the dr said do not eat anything aftermidnight

i look forward hearing advice and imput on this thanks in advance

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oh yea and to add to the symptoms

i have a horrible salty taste in my mouth that wont go away

and im having muscle cramps from the neck down it hurts to laugh cough or even talk loud

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Your poor thing you are really going through hell right now. Yes you could be celiac especially if you have other celiacs in the family. Have they done any blood testing for celiac? If they haven't call your doctor tommorrow and ask for the blood tests to be done. Do be aware that those and biopsies can have false negative results though. I really hate to have to say this but if they are going to be testing you for celiac you can't go gluten free yet. I do so wish doctors would do upper and lower scopes at the same time!!!!!!!!! If you feel you can stick with the diet without a 'formal' diagnosis then continue on the diet strictly but if you are gluten free testing will have a really, really good chance of being a false negative.

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thank you for your response :) oh my goodness

ok so i eat gluten i feel horrible i get diareah and super bad cramps and my cough gets really bad my back akes all the other symptoms that i said above act up i really do not want to feel like this for the rest of the month either

can i mabe eat gluten a week before the test in june 6th ? and get a possible diagnosis ?

yes there are other family members who have celiac my dad's brother, and possible his mom, a couple of cousins

and yes i have done blood work the results should be in

soon i would think

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