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Do I Have Celiac

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I need help understanding my blood test. I would really apperciate any...

Gluten free since Dec...just did blood test, but didn't know that the test would come back negative if you haven't been eating gluten.

But the lab test still show my Gliadin IGA AB in the equivocal range, one point from positive.

Here are the results from the Celiac Pasnel my doctor ordered:

Tissue Transglutmse AB, IGA <3

Immunoglobulin A 240

Gliadin IGA AB 17

Thanks again...any help much apperciated.

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There is really no way to interpret celiac blood tests if you have been gluten-free for five months. The equivocal gliadin IgA is interesting, but gliadin IgA is an old test and isn't considered very predictive of celiac in the first place.

Sorry for the bad news about the test results, but I hope you're feeling better off gluten!

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