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Hello, I am new here. this is my first post. I am a 35 year old mom of 2 and have suffered from GI problems for the past 7 years. My symptoms are acid reflux, headaches, bowel problems, sleep disturbance, fatigue, mental fogginess. My bowel problems are irregular like irritable bowel syndrome I often get spastic intestines causing me lots of pain diarrhea, incomplete evacuation sensations, cramping. Sometimes I have horrid attacks where I have incredible urges to go but can't and it makes me almost pass out due to the intense pressure and pain. A little more about me, I am quite a bit overweight and I have had a very poor diet....lots of processed foods, hardly any fruits and veggies, not enough water, eating out too much. I just generally haven't taken care of myself as I should. I have tried eating healthier, lost some weight and cut out alot of the eating out recently but still have really bad GI symptoms. I have been tested for celiac via blood test 2 times which both came back negative. I have tried a lactose elimination diet which has had no effect. I have had an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound which were negative for anything. gallbladder is fine. I have recently had a full abdominal and pelvic CT scan which have come back normal. Bloodwork up which were basic CBC and I think LYTES all came back normal. I have had my thyroid checked and it came back normal.

I have done alot of reading on celiac and gluten intolerance and thought I would try an elimination diet. I don't know if my symptoms sound like it or not to you guys though. I am on day 2 of the elimination and have been drinking lots of water. I went shopping yesterday and it is REALLY hard to find gluten free stuff and then when I do it is so expensive. I am drinking lots of water, eating fruits more but not overdoing it because my system isn't used to alot of fruits and veggies, but eating healthy and trying to follow the food guide as best I can - minus the gluten foods of course.

How long should I stay gluten free to know that it has made a difference or not ??

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Give it a good six weeks. This gives you two weeks to figure it out, and four weeks really gluten-free.

I wouldn't recommend starting out buying gluten-free substitutes - stick with meats and veggies for a while.

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