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Severe Itchiness - Withdrawal Symptom

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Hi -

I am 3 weeks gluten-free. At 2.5 weeks I experienced dizziness, fatigue and itching. Well the dizziness and fatigue have lifted but I am now severely itchy all over. No rash (except for what may or may not be DH on my behind) but my whole body is going crazy with the itching.

Is this candida die off? Since I went gluten-free, I no longer have chronic neck/shoulder pain or arthritis in other areas, sleep has done a 360 degree change for the better -- deep/restful and no insomnia or nightsweats, I don't have the rapid heart beat, shortness of breath and I seem to be grinding my teeth less at night.

I hung in there with the dizziness and fatigue and it went away. i wonder if the same will happen with the itching? Is this another withdrawal symptom or candida die off (I've had problems w/ candida).

Your experience with this (itching) is most appreciated.


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If we are judging by my experience, the itching represents an addiktional food intolerance. For me, it was soy, and potatoes I discovered much later, but the worst was soy. If you buy any gluten substitute processed foods you are likely to encounter more soy than you ever have before and I am frankly intolerant of it. Try cutting that out first, and if that doesn't do the trick then you are going to have to "cut" deeper :D

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