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Hi Everyone! I think that we are learning exactly HOW sensitive our son is to the smallest traces of Gluten...... seems whenever we eat outside our home (even at other houses) he has a reaction. I honestly think that now that we are over a year into this diet, he is MORE sensitive than ever before. I am fine with this, but am having a hard time figuring out where the traces are coming from.

I KNOW that the best thing would be to eliminate all pre-packaged foods, etc. However, the thought is so overwhelming!

SO, what I am 'really' looking for, is what 'gluten free' foods have you found to be not-so-gluten free. I mean either foods that are labeled as gluten free, or ones you would expect to be gluten free from reading ingredient lists.....

One I thought of before, but just recently saw it on here was Cheetos. Pretty sure he can't stand Gluten free oats. I tried the Schneider's Country Naturals' Hotdogs, but not so sure!

He 'seems' ok with most Glutino products, Kinnickinnick, Rice thinks crackers. Pretty sure Milk products aren't a problem........... Looking for the sneeky ones.

Any experiences? I know everyone is different, but maybe something will help!

Kim, Mommy to 4 fantastic kids!!!

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If he can't tolerate gluten free oats - kiss a huge chunk of gluten free products goodbye, I'm afraid. :-(

If a company processes any gluten-free oats in their facility, they typically don't have any anti- contamination practices in place for the gluten-free oats like they do for wheat, rye, and barley. Avoid 'em.

Bob's red mill usually causes trouble for oat sensitive celiacs. Lundberg rice is another probable no-no for oat sensitive celiacs (they have oats as their cover crop to help the soil in the field). Many gluten-free breads and chips seem to have varieties with oats that are made in the same area.

ANY product that says it is gluten free is pretty much useless when it comes to oat contamination, sadly.

So, gluten free foods that have zapped us before? Everything we've ever tried that just didn't have gluten on the label. It might have been okay once or twice, but we ALWAYS got sick eventually off of it. Most of the gluten free foods that weren't made on gluten free lines are a risk. We are sensitive enough to require gluten free facilities, but many aren't.

Amy's frozen gluten-free meals have been hit or miss. sometimes were okay, sometimes made my daughter very sick. Same with Aidell's sausages.

My 12 year old had the same thing, where she was having reactions to more and more foods that had been safe months before, as far as we knew. It's a real challenge, so I wish you best of luck!

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