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I just needed to thank this community for its wisdom and support.

In February, my 20 mo old son was going down-hill fast. He couldn't keep weight on and was constantly sick. His belly was crazy distended and his arms/legs were withering. He was looking gaunt. My 10 lb baby was just 23 lbs and had shrunk to 10-25% for weight and 25% for height. A friend mentioned celiac and it was from seeing a picture on this site of a little boy who looked just like him that turned our family around.

Since February he has been gluten-free and now just 4 months later he is amazing! The clingy, whiney child has been replaced with a vibrant, energetic kid. He is 28lbs and is back to 50% for weight and 50-75% for height! Although he is likely "only" intolerant (blood tests negative), he got his Enterolab dx (under 10 is normal, he was a 12) in April, and we are convinced this is a healthy path for him.

We never would have made this journey without this forum and we have received so much support and information, I just needed to thank you from the bottom of my little wonderful boy's newly growing again body '-)

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That is great news! Guess what? The people here on the forum will still help you out. New recipes, food products and new information too.

It is always nice when gluten eaters do nasty things or say really stupid stuff, and other scrapes we go through to have someone who understands your perspective.

Give that gluten free kiddo a hug!

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I am so happy for you to hear that he is doing so well!!! It's tough to have a sickly little one, but at least you're on the right track now. Way to go!

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