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  1. alex11602

    Star Trek

    Well you may have just talked me into seeing the movie again. I was so excited about it and counting down the days until...
  2. My girls love schar bread, its sold on the shelf at our store and nice and soft. Only problem is it has to be eaten fairly...
  3. I spent most of my day at the library with Clifford, Curious George and listening to a band singing math songs to classic...
  4. Another one having mac n cheese tonight. My 3 year old hasn't wanted to eat much of anything for the past 3 days and...
  5. alex11602

    Celebrate With Me!

    That is awesome news!!!!
  6. Tonight is double meat lasagna, salad and french bread. Possibly followed by Luigi's Italian ice.
  7. Thank you so much Irish! I did it! Plus I will be doing it again tomorrow since both girls have dance and hubby won...
  8. Tonight I'm throwing a meatloaf in the oven just to be simple. I went to the grocery store for the first time in...
  9. alex11602


    I started reading the Hannah Swensen series by Joanne Fluke and am loving it. Can't seem to put them down.
  10. Marinated steak (I just took a bunch of stuff out of my fridge and spice cabinet and threw it together), mashed potatoes...
  11. Tonight I'm trying another Mrs Leepers that my neighbor us, it's the chicken alfredo one. This is after I developed my...
  12. alex11602

    Tuna Salad

    I won't touch any seafood with a 10 foot pole, but I make all my salads (chicken, turkey or egg) the same. I definitely...
  13. Tonight is cabbage and noodles from the leftover corned beef and cabbage.
  14. alex11602

    Mama's & Cafe Baci - Hackettstown Nj

    So I finally tried Mama's, Heaven!!! I have a problem going out places so my husband went there and ordered it. All four...
  15. Happy Birthday Love2travel! Hope you have a great day. Tonight we are ordering in from someplace that has a great...