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White Spots On Arms And Legs (Small Pigment-Spots) - A Symptom?

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I've been out in the sun today, after several weeks of rain ang fog. I suddenly realized that I have several little white spots on my arms and legs (shins) - the kind that my grandma has, you know...

I then thought I remembered having read about these as a celiac symptom, but now that I tried to search for such information I couldn't find it. Am I wrong?

(I'm only 30, by the way, so I shouldn't be getting these because of age quite yet...)

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Have you ever gotten your b12 levels checked? B12 is involved in the creation of melanin, the substance that pigments your skin. My mum gets those little spots when she doesn't get her b12 shots. You can have a deficiency of b12 caused by Celiac disease, but that's not always the cause.

Another less likely possibility: have you ever had an injury there, or had a mole or wart removed at those locations?

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