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Guest barbara3675

Walmart Going Gluten Free

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Guest barbara3675

Well said 1056......as far as unions go, they have done good things to start with but they also have gotten big heads and out of control in some situations too. Look at the big car manufacturers for instance. Why do you think that cars cost so much anymore. Those people make just tons of money when you think of what their compensation package is in addition to their high wage, and they keep coming back and asking for more plus the big boys in the unions are making bundles.

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I am from Wisconsin as well !!!!! I live in a small town called Hingham, which is close to Sheboygan.

Thank you for talking about SillyYaks bakery in Madison, I would have never known about it if it weren't for your conversation. I look forward to stopping there next time I'm in the Madison area !!!

:o WOW! We live there too! That's crazy. :D Are you still in the area? Have you been to Slow Pokes in Grafton? I just can't get over the fact that we live in the same place.

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