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Stomach Pain

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I was having pain that led to my celiac disease dX - chest/back pain extremely intense, but very brief (30 sec max). It started when I was pregnant with my third. I chalked it up as pregnancy-related indigestion. Unfortunately, I still had the pain a year after my son was born. I finally wet to my internist and he ordered a stress test and endoscopy (thought acid-reflux). Stress test came back fine - endoscope found red, irritated duodenum. Doctor biopsied and found Marsh 1 lesions and subsequent blood work indicated a weak positive. I haven't had the pain since the end of June - I wasn't officially gluten-free but I was following phase one of the South Beach Diet which is pretty gluten-free! I still, to this day, do not know if my pain was related to celiac disease or maybe stress - I am a teacher and the last bout of pain was during finals week! I did have an ultrasound done that found an unremarkable gall bladder, liver, stomach, kidneys and pancreas. Any ideas?

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Michele</span>

positive biopsy 7/18/05

positive bloodwork 7/28/05

gluten-free since 7/18/05

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