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Advice On Supplements, Probiotics, & Enzymes

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I finally received a call from my Doctor's office regarding my Celiac Panel. The receptionist I spoke to told me that most everything looked normal, but that something was elevated and something else was abnormal (vague, right?). She said that my doctor consulted with a GI specialist and that I should definitely be on a Gluten Free diet. So, even though I don't exactly know yet if I have an allergy, intolerance, sensitivity, or Celiac's - at least I know was justified in going Gluten Free & now my family doesn't think I'm crazy any more :P

Since I've been gluten free, I'm feeling much better, but I've read that supplements, pro & pre- biotics, and enzymes can be very beneficial. I currently take a gluten-free Women's Multivitamin/Mineral w/ Probiotics - is this enough? Or are there certain supplements I should take a higher dosage of, like B12? Do I need to take additional probiotics and add prebiotics? Can you suggest brands that you recommend? What about enzymes? The only digestive enzymes I know of are used by my friend with Cystic Fibrosis & he has prescriptions for them. Are there enzymes specific to Celiac's? Can you get them without a prescription?

Lastly, can anyone recommend books that have been helpful? I'm looking for something pertaining to either living with Celiac Disease or Gluten Free living and a good gluten-free Restaurant Guide. Thank you in advance for your help :D

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It's hard to tell you about suppliments without knowing your blood test results. If everything was "normal" it suggests you don't need anything more than a good multi vitamin, fish oil, and D3, along with a healthy gluten-free diet.

I just got a book I recommend The First Year: Celiac Disease and Living Gluten Free: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by Jules Dowler Shepard.

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