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My skin is getting so super sensitive since avoiding gluten (1month now). If I touch anything with gluten or iodine, I get blisters or something equally unsightly and uncomfortable. It's so upsetting (and makes me feel so hideous), I just want to lock myself in a cave and not come out till I look normal. I feel like after a lifetime of this, maybe I'll never see relief. And the world is out to get me (at least my skin). It cleared up right away when I went gluten-free, too, but a couple iodine and gluten exposures really made things bad. (seaweed snacks and in shampoo and some packaged tortillas. The iodine I get, but blisters after touching a closed package? Really?)

I'm so frustrated. And feeling ugly. I hate that gluten is everywhere! I wish I lived a bubble. :(

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