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HI everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has ever sent a product to be tested for gluten when it states that it is gluten free on the bottle? I have vitamins that I got really sick from during last Jan - April and I had to have surgery. I had night sweats, fevers, dizziness, fatigue, weight loss, headaches and enlarged lymph nodes in my stomach. The doctors thought I had lymphoma, but they were just reactive lymph nodes and then I was put through even more testing. I figured it out myself it was definitely these vitamins. I did call the company, told them what happened and they sent me a whole $20 refund. :blink: I know it was these vitamins since I got better and I started to see a pattern in my food journal while I was taking them. Thankfully I am now 100% again and I really wanted to get these vitamins tested.

Can anyone reccommend a lab for me where I can get these tested?

Thanks so much! :)

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