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Endoscopy Biopsy Results

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I have recently been diagnosed with celiac and during the endoscopy, my doctor found 3 stomach polyps and removed them for biopsy. It says on the report that they are "fundic gland polyps". Has anyone else had this and is it associated with celiac or something different? He has not followed up with me to explain what this means in detail. I was just curious if anyone else had the same finding and what was done about it, if anything?

Thank you!

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Haven't had these myself, but wikipedia had some good information on it, it seemed.


It sounds like, essentially, these often have an underlying condition that is causing them to develop...like Celiac Disease. So that's the good news, but there were low risk factors that would make me, personally, at least call up the doc to ask about a couple things.

...also? A number of us here have had issues where the doctor honestly MISSED some findings on the test results, or the 'call this patient' reminder was missing, or whatever, and as a result, the patient slips through the cracks. So if you have questions, I'd definitely contact the doc. :)

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