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Had my celiac panel. Everything normal except for Giladin/Gluten IgG. It was 11. Ref range was <11 Normal, 11-17 Questionable, >17 Positive. Would this indicate an intolerance?

The rest of the panel is as follows:

IGA is 274.2 REF Range 66.0 - 436.0

TTG (Tissue Transglutaminase AB) <3 REF Range: <5 Negative, 5-8 Equivocal, >8 Positive

Endomysial AB - Negative

Gliadin/ Gluten IGA AB - <3 Ref Range: <11 Negative, 11-17 Equivocal, >17 Positive

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The thing that has me looking into this is that I have been on my thyroid meds for almost 10 months and many symptoms have cleared up but GI issues are still present, so is dizziness. Plus now my stools are coming out semi formed and either gray or yellowish. Never really had diarrhea more on the constipation side.

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