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I felt so good yesterday I decided to make a Pamela's Chocolate cake.

After every piece I felt a little weirder. Ok, I started eating it last night... so I didn't just sit and eat piece after piece today... its cumulative :).

I ate two pieces today and my arms are heavy as rocks and rubbery like rubber bands. Started getting D. My rash is nonreactive.

Nothing in that cake I haven't eaten in the last few months and been ok with. I just can't take big sugary/fatty things like that without wanting to sleep? I've used other Pamela mixes without a problem. All the cooking utensils I used have been used before without gluten CC, except the pans and I washed with soap and water and lined them with parchment paper.

Is it sugar in volume???? I've been eating ice cream without a problem.

I haven't been sleeping at night, am starting to wonder if its the progenolone/DHEA in my adrenal supplement. OR, my Hashis is improving and I need less thyroid meds?

Oh man, I just want to SLEEP. I am trying not to so I can sleep tonight.

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Have you been tested for diabetes or other blood sugar problems like hypoglycemia? After that much sugar anyone's blood sugar would crash. Most people woudl want to sleep but if you felt like you absolutely couldn't stay awake it may be dangerous. Get to the dr ASAP if you notice this happens with other sugary foods. Blood sugar issues are nothing to mess around with.

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Oh yes, I've been tested. I am solidly not diabetic.

I know I've had issues lately stabilizing my blood sugar because of all the corticosteroids I was on.... but not really since I started gluten-free.

I think I just overdid it. I hope thats it, anyway.

I have noticed I've been getting more satisfaction out of smaller amounts of sweets lately. I guess I just taught myself a lesson.

The sleepiness is starting to taper off. I'm going to try to work on unpacking more boxes (if I don't lay down and take a nap in them).

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Sometimes certain sugars can be a problem. You may react to sucrose but not dextrose; agave but not honey. I try to limit my sugar intake to prevent those crashes.

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