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Almost Two Years And Still Sick

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Here recently it's been hard because I'm so tired. I worry because I have no insurance and the doctors I can see don't know too much about Celiac. I hurting all over and sometimes it's hard to get up. I wonder if there is more wrong and what to do. I have Diabetes and Asthma also so my immune system is really beat up. At the first of this year I got a rash all over my body and a really high fever. I was unable to move alot and my joints hurt. They tested me for everything but nothing came up. I worry that I've got more but the doctors here don't know what to look up. I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with these problems. My vitamin levels are fine a little low on vitamin D but taking pills for that. I'm really tired of being sick since I've been gluten free for so long...Please help

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Check out Dr. Bernsteins site. Whether or not your Diabetes is type 1 or 2, he has had success treating both with diet.

Sorry you are feeling lousy and tired. I hated feeling so fatigued I could not live my life. I will also mention that some people are sensitive to all grains and the Paleo lifestyle can resolve lingering problems with joint and muscle pain for some.

If total elimination of gluten isn't resolving your health problems, you might want to read on Mark's Daily Apple to see if this way of eating might help you. Gluten isn't the whole answer for some of us. Other food intolerances can also be a problem. I like Mark's Daily Apple for the articles that address how and why gluten is the worst offender, but all grains are problematic in terms of the inflammation they cause some people.

If you are not able to manage your symptoms with diet though, you might want to consult a Rheumatologist if you haven't already. There are a lot of Auto-immune diseases and you may really be dealing with something that cannot be controlled by diet alone. however, it is a good starting place since it sounds like you have exhausted the medical testing route. Here's to your health! And here's to eating steak and salad forever! Good luck to you.

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