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What Are You Canning/preserving?

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ha i always blamed the cabbage/kraut on my indigestion but it was the BREAD! rudi's bread (original) was good instead of rye bread. my glutenators had regular rye bread so i figured why make a whole loaf. i toasted the rudi's pretty good so it wouldn't get too soggy. if you find a good rye bread sub recipe, though, or OMGOSH i would sometimes kill to have some marble rye (w/cream chz droooool... :) ) please post!! i will be baking more since the weather is cooler now.

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    Having a topical reaction to wheat is an allergic reaction, not a Celiac reaction. If you have DH, the skin version of Celiac, you would have to ingest gluten to cause the skin eruption. But Kareng is correct.....these two items are so hig...
    This particular flare was due to mast cell activation syndrome and SIBO. Celiac symptoms vary by individual, so don’t measure your experience with anyone else’s. You are not well and you feel it.    The bone broth I use is Kettle and Fi...
    After reading all this, my symptoms are not even 10% of what you went through and im glad you figured it out. I tried home made bone broth for few weeks but didnt notice much difference. How are these collagen supplement? Do i need to take...