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Gluten Free Labeling

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I'm confused. Some items such as orange jucie, bacon, ham/turkey sandwich meat, ketchup, non-darie coffee creamer can have the labeling of gluten free while other brands don't carrie the gluten free label, but yet there is no wheat or gluten in their ingrediants. Are they both safe? Is this just marketing? or Do I really need to spend the extra money and purchase the product with the gluten free labeling?

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In the US, there are no laws about what can be labelled gluten-free. Some companies choose to label them gluten-free because they test them for gluten. Some label gluten-free because they have no gluten ingredients. Some don't label gluten-free but, you can see by the ingredients (like OJ) that they are gluten-free.

There do seem to be some companies that label "all natural" or "gluten free" as a way to charge more. An example of this: marshmallows. They ar all gluten-free. The ones labelled gluten-free cost more.

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