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Mild Constipation, Gas Bloating, Lack Of Sleep

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Hi, this is my first post. I have been on a gluten free diet now for about 3 months. My stomach knots in my upper stomach have gone completely, which I believe to be from gluten, but I have incurred other stomach issues and some sleeping pattern changes. I have not been officially diagnosed, but my stomach doctor did not find anything and said stress and anxiety. I went to my Internal Medicine docotor and she said she had celaics herself and put me on the diet. I see her next week for a follow up. I also tested positive for Rhuematoid Arthritis, but have not been diagnosed just yet. That bothers me as well. It took a few weeks to adjust and learn to watch everything I eat as to avoid unintentional ingesting of gluten. But lately my stomach has felt really bloated, and I have mild constipation. This mainly occurs late at night and wakes me up in my sleep, battling the discomfort all night. Also, my sleeping habits have changed as well, not being able to stay asleep for longer than a 2-3 hours at a time. I have just started keeping a log of what I eat a few days ago, as many have suggested on this site. I am going to see what that shows me, but I mainly eat meats and veggies, not much dairy. Been trying prune juice, but not sure that is helping much. It seems really hard to pass gas, but I know it is there. It is like my stomach always feels like it is constantly digesting. I have been feeling better in some areas, but I believe the lack of sleep is paying a toll on me as well.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I sound like a complete mess :-)

I really appreciate it!

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