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Hi all,

So I've read a few topics on here now about other people not taking coeliac disease seriously. In the past week, I've had so many people comment on how lucky I am that it's not something more serious. I've also had people tell me I'm going a bit "crazy" and "obsessive" by buying a new toaster, etc. Apparently, the CC thing isn't widely understood. Nor are the possible consequences of continuing to eat gluten post-diagnosis.

So what I'm after are a few horror stories to scare the pants off my friends and family and have them take me seriously. I read in another thread something about MS and a couple of other really terrible things that have happened as a result of continuing to eat gluten.

Does anyone have any others? Basically I need to make the point that YES, even a TINY bit of gluten is harmful, even though they may not see the effects of it externally (I dont get rashes or anything like that).

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