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New Diagnosis, So Overwhelmed

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Hello! I have a short road to diagnosis relatively, compared to some. But it feels like a lifetime. I had emergency surgery for an intussiception in February 2011, with no known cause. After that, I had many many bouts with abdominal swelling, nausea, fullness, constipation, gas, and just terrible awful feeling. These were very similar to what happened the 48 hours before surgery. Some episodes were worse than others. I went to my gp and to the ER several times. Everytime they did a ct scan or blood work, would find nothing, and say I had gas. I was getting worried that after all the time since surgery, I wasn't getting any better.

I had a TERRIBLE episode in July, before my husband and I moved. Actually, mid-move. They ran the usual tests and the doctor said a section of my small intestine was almost to the intussiception stage again, but rest and mess would help, if I would promise to be tested for crohn's disease when we got moved and settled. I went to a Gi doctor in our new town, and it was terrible. He accused me of being a drug seeker because I asked for help, said we'd never find out what it was, and scheduled a blood draw for crohn's, and an upper and lower Gi scope. That same day, my husband suggested trying gluten free diet, because what was there to lose? I called the doctor and asked for celiac disease to be added to my lab tests. I had the blood work, and went gluten free. I felt better within the first week! I was excited for the results from the labs... But when they called with results they hadn't tested for celiac. This was August.

I got frustrated and decided that I would just stick to gluten freedom, but I still had a lingering pain in my side. After the 4th or 5th gluten attack in 3 months, I went to the ER 2 weeks ago and begged them to admit me until they found an answer. They did an upper Gi scope, and TA-DA! Major damage that was characteristic of celiac. They did a biopsy, and diagnosed me with biopsy confirmed celiac. They ran the blood test that requires gluten in the system and I am waiting on results from that. Because I am still getting glutened despite careful diet restriction, the doctor thought it might be positive. A couple medicines I take have gluten in them and we are changing them.

I am relieved to finally have a diagnosis. I am concerned about still getting glutened and the pain in my side. I am seeing a dietician and my doctor for a follow up next Monday.

My biggest question is, how long for healing? I feel better, but not 100%, because the damage in my duodenum is extensive. This was a book, I just needed to share my story and find some support. Thank you for reading if you got this far!

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Oh and can you get glutened from kissing?? My hubby works on the road, and was home this weekend. He ate a sandwich and I kissed him afterward, and was suck later. I am sure there are other possibilities of cc, but I just thought of this!

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Wow, you've had a rough year.

Now you have to get serious about your diet, cc and make sure you check/replace your bathroom/laundry products. Many have wheat but list them under unusual chemical/additive names.

Make sure you read plenty of posts on here - use the "search" at the top right to seek out information.

And kissing someone who's just had a sandwich is not a good idea as it is obviously a problem for you. This gluten-free journey is one you two do together. Needs a little care and attention at first and until you change some of your habits.

The answer to your question: My biggest question is, how long for healing?

is highly dependent on how quickly you get truly gluten-free. Its hard for a while but worth getting diligent for your health.

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