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Similarity Between Dh And Psoriatic Arthritis Alleviated By Herbs

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I just recently learned I probably have psoriatic arthritis. It is so close to DH--however I don't believe it is DH. Sometimes I do get hives, but no blisters. Instead it is a patch of itchy silvery flaking skin over red often raw itchy skin. And if I don't stay on diet (i.e., low salicylates, entirely gluten free, exercise, lots of greens --of the ones I can handle) I also get inflamed feet and elbows etc. This actually became noticeable years ago when I was 18 on a bus going down to Mexico from the San Francisco Bay Area with my eldest sister. We both took off our shoes and could not put them back on; our feet were too painful and swollen! As it turns out we both have celiac as well as salicylate sensitivity.

I recently discovered that taking my old tried and true detox herbs helps me be less sensitive to peeled golden delicious apples and pears--both theoretically low in salicylates but previously too much for me for my ears and vulva. I used to have this condition all over my scalp plus had an area on a lymphatic point on my neck that would be red, sensitive, raised and bothersome. Going off most gluten in my late twenties (though not the trace gluten I am now off) really helped. This current condition did not show itself until 2005. A year ago I thought I should go off my herbs, but it appears that some detox herbs that have berberine plus the herb Nettle both help act as an antidote for this sensitivity to salicylates--even though most herbs are very high in salicylates.

I wonder if these herbs might also help those with DH. Have any of you tried such herbs with good effect -- or not? My herbs are: dandelion (a general all around good detox herb for the liver; adds in potassium while meanwhile making the body pee out the toxins) and marshmallow root (to soothe and heal the lining of the gut as well as elsewhere). I then alternate Oregon Grape Root with Barberry Root --both of which have berberine in them. They get the liver and gall bladder to release bile, which in turns helps the intestines do peristalsis. They are not good if you have D by the way!! They help one to really detox from metals and poisons and kill off microbes. Finally I take Nettles on days when I am not taking these last two roots, to give my body a break when I still need to detox. The Nettles are a more gentle detox of the liver and very good as an antidote to salicylate sensitivity, and thus all those itchy b%$@#ies in the ears and in my case also the exterior vulva area.

Roughly 3 1/2 years ago I suggested Burdock to one guy on here who had DH and it did help him. Burdock is very good for the skin as well as the liver. However I have since wondered about Burdock being safe for the likes of us since some say it is a stimulant. But what kind?? If it just stimulates the bile, that is OK. If it stimulates the immune system that is another matter. So meanwhile I have not been recommending it since we don't want anything that over-stimulates our already out of control immune response...


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