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Labled Gluten-Free Casein-Free Cookie Dough, But Really Not?

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Ok,I think I have gotten to the bottom of my tummy troubles! I've been having tummy trouble again for at least a month, even went to the dr had my gallbladder, liver, pancreas checked.(all are ok) I noticed my symptoms flaring after a large snack :P on a batch of supposedly Gluten-free Casein-free chocolate chip cookies. I am not cf but am severely lactose intolerant. So last night I pulled out a magnifying glass and read the ingredients on the tub of dough; lactose, butter, whey are all listed! :angry: I don't know much about cf but don't those all contain casein? I know for a fact that I cannot eat butter without severe problems but I just wondered if anyone knew more and if this product is mislabeled?

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