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Tesco Food Labels

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I'm an American living in Poland. Food labeling is erm, hit or miss for a lot of the products I can find in the shops here.

My one saving grace is we have a TESCO (yay! TESCO) and the labels seem to be much better in terms of possible allergens. These labels are on TESCO brand products.

What I'm hoping someone from the UK might know -- if the TESCO label says it contains nuts or fish or soy but does not state gluten then is it gluten free? I have seen TESCO labels that say it contains gluten or that it was processed in a facility where there could have been gluten (most of the spices seem to say that...grumble) so I've been assuming that since it doesn't say gluten I am safe, e.g. I can go ahead and eat those almonds or the frozen fish. But as I've learned since starting this gluten-free adventure making assumptions is not always a smart move.

Anyone know?


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