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Are Henry's Or Sprouts gluten-free Products Processed gluten-free Too?

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Are Henry's or Sprouts gluten-free products processed in gluten-free facilities too?

I'm wondering because I can never get an answer from their customer service and I'm esp. interested in henry's sausages.

Any help please? Thanks

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It has been my experience that customer service personnel usually respond better to a specific question than to a general one. For example: Does XYX brand sausage contain gluten? In place of: Do you have any gluten-free sausage?

Have you spoken directly with a butcher? When I lived in TX, I used to shop at 2 different Sprouts stores. Their butchers told me all of their sausages were made on site, without gluten except for a German one which had bread crumbs added. You might try just asking the butcher. The ones I spoke with were very helpful.

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