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I was diagnosed with Celiac from a positive blood test for the disease back in November of 2010. I have not had the endoscopy performed yet. Should this be done in order to be 100% sure? If I stay away from Gluten I am usually fine. I have seen there is tests being done on a vaccine to "stop" gluten sensitivity and want to make sure I have all of the bases covered if it does work so I can eat a regular hamburger if the vaccine works.

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maybe that vaccine is just for people who plainly just have an intolerance and not celiac disease. If your blood test is positive then that is a most definite yes due to the fact false positives are extremely rare. I wouldn't risk eating anything with gluten ever. The taste of food is extremely temporary once swallowed. But your body is important and can last wayyy longer and you need to take care of it. You can grill your hamburger and they sell delicious hamburger buns that are gluten free at jewel! You can still enjoy food. I just found a premade delicious frozen gluten free pizza at whole foods that taste exactly like the other frozen pizza. They have frozen gluten free lasagna and pasta. Alot of people will also advise you to not get your hopes up on the vaccine. But if you believe it will work than try it. But until that time shop and look around for the gluten free. I enjoy it because I always find new things. The pizza discovery made my eyes pop out of my head in excitement.

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