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Roberta Caskey


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I am looking for recipe for ketchup,salad dressing and BBq sauce's . They must be dairy free,gluten free,sugar free including splenda(can use stevia),lemon free,soy free and vinegar free. I know it is a long shot but,thought it was worth a shot.

I make a gluten-free version of Annie's Naturals Shiitake Sesame. It is really good. Why Annie couldn't use Tamari instead of Soy Sauce is really beyond me!

I saute two cut up shiitake mushrooms in olive oil (small pieces).

I toast about 1/4 tsp (maybe 1/2 tsp of sesame seeds)

Then I mix them with:

Vegetable Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar (2oz)

Tamari soy sauce (2 oz)

a bit of water

sesame oil

1/4 tsp or less of Xanthan gum

I cook like an Italian mamma so I don't know exact measurements. This explains why I had to buy a scale to bake!

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