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  1. researchmomma

    10 Year Old With Osteoporosis

    My sons biopsy came back normal. I don't have any other info but I will meet with the doctor next week to discuss other...
  2. researchmomma

    10 Year Old With Osteoporosis

    I just found this and it oddly gave me hope that he may have celiac disease: Low Bone Mass and celiac disease Individuals...
  3. researchmomma

    10 Year Old With Osteoporosis

    Cyclinglady, I have to agree with you completely. Well the endo is now fully engaged since my sons dexa scan showed...
  4. researchmomma

    10 Year Old With Osteoporosis

    Just an update, all his tests for osteogenesis were negative but because he didn't have significantly low VitD and his...
  5. I was here a few years back when I was trying to get testing for my daughter and you all were very helpful. Especially...
  6. Thank you for replying. The mono was negative but her Free T4 is low. More testing. Thanks again. I don't think that...
  7. Hi, my daughter's reactions to being glutened seem to be getting more severe. We are very strict and cautious but we...
  8. Yeah! That is great. There are lots of recipes for gluten-free brown bread! Google it. My fav is from www.glutenfreeonashoestring...
  9. researchmomma

    Sad, Worried, Sad, Sad, Sad, Worried, Etc.

    Welcome to the Board and you are right, this is the place to vent. Someone posted about the emotions that one goes...
  10. researchmomma

    New To Gluten Free

    My neighbor's son was diagnosed at 18 months. Because he was so young, he doesn't "miss" things like the process foods...
  11. I went completely gluten-free when my daughter had to. I have endometriosis and noticed that I no longer have pain from...
  12. There are two big reasons that I would want that biopsy for a child with his history: 1) You want that scope to rule...
  13. researchmomma

    What's For Breakfast Today?

    I made this Cinnabon Clone and it rocked. My Celiac neighbors couldn't believe it was gluten-free. My gluten-free daughter...
  14. researchmomma

    The What's For Dinner Tonight Chat

    Last night we made terriyaki grilled chicken with swiss, arugala, spicy humus and red onion. Served it with corn on...