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Keratosis Pilaris Question

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Hi, I'm new here! I don't actually have Celiac, but I do have KP. I have done a bit of research on KP and found a few posts from this forum about KP and its connection to gluten intolerance.

My question is, for those who went gluten free and had success with clearing KP, did you also go dairy free?

I have recently been eating a lot of bran for breakfast and did notice more KP showing up :( so I will stop eating that now.. however giving up dairy will be more difficult...

I want to try going gluten free so any help or advice will be much appreciated :)

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This probably won't be too useful, but I'm on a vegan diet and I went gluten free in July 2011, and I still have KP. Did not notice any change from either diet change (been vegan for 3+ years now).

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