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What Kind Of Doc To Test Food Intolerances?

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Hi! Newbie here!

My question - what type of doc should I go to if I suspect food sensitivities / intolerances? Allergist? Naturopath? Etc.

History: As a kid (6?), I had food and asthma issues. I was young, and my mom doesn't have all the info on doctor, etc - but I had skin prick tests done, and lit up for wheat, eggs, milk, cane sugar and beet sugar. My parents took me there because of behavioral issues. Did a 1-2 year rotational diet.. and that was it. No followup. Asthma was then relieved by a naturpoath. No issues now! In fact.. now a marathon runner!

Fast forward - irritability and anger came during the teenage years... put on Prozac. Helped with that, and ended up being on it for 12 years. The irritability and eventually mild depression kept me on it.

Now 25 years old, am tired all the time. (came off prozac a couple months ago - really don't think i need it. feel fine without it) Always thought I was just a "really good sleeper and napper" - but the teenage years are over. Weekends are 12-18 hours of sleep a day. During the week, my husband has to drag me out of bed.. I snooze for an hour before work sometimes.

Doc ruled out thyroid and iron. Had a sleep study - very mild hypopnea (AHI of 6,5-15=mild), average to above average time spent in the restorative N3 sleep, and average sleep onset of 5.4 minutes across my 5 MSLT naps. Ruled out narcolepsy. Thus, doc gave me the diagnosis of "idiopathic hypersomnia". Which.. to me, seems like a cop-out. People aren't this tired for no reason.

Been thinking all this could be due to food issues that had plagued me in the past. Fatigue/anxiety/irritability/dull headaches/1-2 loose stools a week / very inconsistent bowel movements (sometimes only every 3-4 days).

I want to investigate this issue. Where should I turn? I see kits you can buy online... blood tests.. fecal tests.. naturopaths... allergists.. etc.




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I do not believe there is one doctor and certainly no test that can pinpoint each food intolerance if this is your problem.

After 25 years of misdiagnosiis, doctors telling me my symptoms were stress, hormone or depression related I was dx'd with celiac. I did not improve gluten-free - in fact I became much sicker until I eliminated every possible intolerance via eliimation diet with strict trial.

Perhaps others can offer different solutions?

Good luck to you.

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We have used naturopaths. Allergists usually don't seem to believe in intolerances.

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