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Boy With Possible Celiac Desease - Growth

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Dear friends, my boy ended a period of 3 months with gluten free diet, and during the first two months, we were happy, because he gained 1,5cm in height... but this last month, he stopped, and lost 400g...

i now it is so early to be sad, but he improved a little to eat, but we need almost always to give food to him, because he is difficult to eat.

and - exactly this last month, he went back to school, we think that the problem is with the snack time at 3pm, he is not eating it... beause nor me nor his father are there to say to him that he must eat...

i dont know what to do, in fact, im very worried, because my fear is that he is not celiac and we are loosing something more than this...

i always give confidence here in this forum, but now i need your help...

i dont know what to do for him to eat more food... he needs calories to gain weight... the nutricionist sad to us...

any idea? vitamins? prays? any kind of magic, witchcrafts?

anything else?

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First, I am so sorry to hear your little guy is having problems.

Did you have any tests that diagnosed Celiac? If you can explain any of his symptoms that are causing him not to eat? Any areas of pain? Give a full description of anything that makes him feel off.

Hang in there! The peeps here are more than willing to help. Keep a food journal to see if there is any type of pattern that can be a symptom.

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Please make sure that you keep a food journal - write down everything that he eats and make certain that everything is gluten free.

Take him off of all dairy products for four weeks. Make sure what he eats at school is not causing him problems.

You have made progress, but something is holding him back.

Has your doctor said that your son has Celiac?

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