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I'm Back

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My computer died but now I am back with a new one. Hooray!

I have missed the forum and all the knowledgeable people here.

Things have been up and down but mostly down lately. I have been having bad reactions and I am suspecting a corn intolerance.

I have been diagnosed with Emphysema as well. I am wondering about that though. I never had a problem until I worked at the bakery and the cough started there. It cleared with using Advair but never went away completely. I told the doc I was concerned and we had a chest x-ray done and then the diagnoses. Normally I don't have any problems but when I get an allergic reaction the cough starts and gets pretty bad and takes days to clear.

Does this make sense? Could working at the bakery have triggered it?

I see there is a lot of reading to catch up on so I will get to it.


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