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Allergy Shots - Dumb Question

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This may be totally stupid, but I want to ask anyway.

I got allergy shots for 10 straight years as an adult. They were mainly for pollen and environmental allergens like dust mites. I never had allergy treatment for food, although I have always been allergic to melons and fresh cherries (lips and throat itched).

Do allergy shots wind up changing your body, possibly in a bad way? My blood IgA is low below range. I'm not sure why. I was told that I could have been born that way. I have no idea what my blood IgA was before my recent test. I did have a Celiac blood test a long time ago, but I don't have those lab results.

I just wonder whether the allergy shots somehow set me up for this gluten sensitivity problem by messing with my immune system.

I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, but my allergist said that the allergy shots worked on different part of the immune system. I never really understood that. If you're stimulating your immune system, aren't you stimulating the entire thing?

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Celiac disease works on the autoimmune system. Allergies are mediated by the immune system. Totally different systems. Hashimoto's and celiac are both autoimmune diseases. Hay fever is an allergy. Your reaction to melon and cherries sounds like an allergic reaction. These would be measured by IgE and IgM antibodies. Celiac is measured by IgA and IgG antibodies.

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