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One Week Gluten-Free! (Ish!)

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I am self diagnosed Gluten Intolerant. I have been in and out of pain for almost 1 year now, more IN pain than out. BUT! After making a 100% sincere effort and garnering the support of a few friends and my children I have been about 98% pain free and gluten free for ONE ENTIRE WEEK! If FEELS SOO GOOD!!! :lol:

I have been cooking all of my own foods. But keeping it fairly simple. I tend to eat foods in binges, for example, for the next week, I'll probably eat the same foods over and over again. and then switch to something. It makes meal planning for me fairly easy. I have cut back heavily on meats. I do need to add fish back to my diet soon, but not yet. I even pulled out my 10year old Omega Juicer and made Green Juice ( Kale, Apples, pears a little beet and TONS if Ginger)

If my friends or children want to eat out,for the time being there is only ONE choice for me and that is my favorite PHO restaurant. For sweet treats I have a few Hot Tamales (gluten-free!) or I make Cinnamon & Sugar Toast on UDI's gluten-free White bread with Blueberries on top. I LOVE EATING, and I'll be damned that I'm gonna let Gluten spoil my life.

All that said, I understand that the Gluten is still in my system, and at this point if ( and I have ) feel familiar pains, it is sort of a wash up of left over junk in my system. I plan on eventually doing a few day's of Juice Fasting. (I'll get my Doc involved I promise) And hope to one day focus on a true gluten-free detox. I have been cooking all day today and am very excited about week #2!

I am very interested in learning more about nutrient absorption through Juicing and am open to hearing about your favorite juices and Juicers. I used to love juicing but pretty much always stuck with Carrot Apple Ginger - still my all time favorite. :wub:

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