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I haven't tried these nutrition bars yet but I sure plan on it. I am a bit disappointed by the carb content. ; )

But I thought these would be great for some of you. :D

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    Thank you very much for that info, yes I am awaiting a test but was just looking for some reassurance in the meantime really and to you know if anybody else has similar symptoms. Thank you x
    Welcome! There are over 200 symptoms attributed to celiac disease. Migraines are one of them as celiac disease is systemic (not just gut issues).   The only way to find out is to get tested.  Ask your PCP for a simple blood test: ...
    Yogurt can vary from 4-17 grams of lactose, Milk has 9-14, so it may be slightly less than milk but not by much. I know that shortly after I was DX'd with Celiac I was lactose intolerant for about the first 5-6 months of gluten-free diet....
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