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I finally got *most* of my results from my bloods (full count, TTG and thyroid) and endo/colonoscopy and was told I had no evidence of coeliac/crohns.

This should be good I suppose except it doesn't make sense in that coeliac fits all my symptoms and since the tests were done I've been back off gluten and feeling better if not completely 100% yet.

The doctor then mentions that the biopsy results aren't back yet but he will safely assume, based on all the other results, that they will be clear as well(!)

Whatever they find in those results (they will get back to me next week) I'm assuming I have gluten intolerance, relatively relieved in the knowledge that no major (if any) damage has been caused.

Sorry for the venting, just thought I'd say it to people that understand rather than those that keep on saying 'ibs' and 'stress'!

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Do get a hard copy of your test results - both blood and biopsy. Is the only celiac test done the tTG? This is certainly not a full panel, especially if they didn't even check your total serum IgA. It's a pity they didn't do the DGP which is more sensitive to early celiac. And your biopsy could still be positive. In early stages the changes are not visible to the naked eye - that's why they put them under the microscope ;) so he cannot 'safely assume' anything.

Even if everything is negative, you seem to know not to eat gluten, which is good, because sometimes that negative can change to a positive within a year or two :o

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