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Allergens/contains Label

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There may be an obvious answer to this question but if there is no "wheat" or gluten" listed in the ingredients and in the area where it says "May Contain" or "Contains" and again no wheat or gluten is listed does that make it gluten free?

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The main concern with "may contain wheat" labels is barley-derived ingredients like barley malt hidden in natural flavors. Rye is an unusual ingredient so that's not a real concern. Barley malt and malt vinegar are expensive, specialty ingredients so they tend to be listed separately but of course we need to be sure. A lot of the major corporations like ConAgra, General Mills, Heinz, Kraft, and Unilever have stated that they will never hide gluten and declare barley, oats, and rye as well as wheat on the label. This list might be helpful.


If it's a small or local company and you don't know their policy, it's best to double-check if the label doesn't list all the ingredients in detail.

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