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I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 7 years ago. In the last 6 months or so, I have developed sores on my scalp. They are quite itchy at times and pretty irritating. I am pretty careful about all my products and don't think I am using anything with gluten - same with my diet. Any ideas or suggestions? Anyone else have this? I'm wondering if it's connected to the DH part of celiac disease? I did check with a dermatologist and her quick answer was, "Oh, it's just folliculitus and here's an antibiotic salve to put on it." I use it but it doesn't really help much.. .

Jane Amdahl

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It could be Psoriasis. Try "natural" hair products - definitely nothing with sodium lauryl sulfate/sulphate in it ..

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I used to get scalp sores all the time especially on the back of my head. They were itchy, ooze and scab over. I also had really dry scalp. All my products were gluten free so that wasn't a problem.

I got so irritated one day and decided to give up on shampoo/conditioner completly thinking something in it was bothering me. I have been sensitive to hair gels in the past and thought it was worth a try.

I am using a mixture of baking soda/water for a "wash" and a mixture of apple cider vinegar/water for "conditoner". My scalp improved greatly in about three weeks. I still get dry scalp but I will use olive oil or coconut oil on it as a treatment occasionally. I also think my chlorinated city water dries me out. When I can afford it I'm going to install a chlorine reducer on my water main to help with that.

I ran out of baking soda and decided to use baby shampoo to wash with a week ago. I got the sores on the back of my head. It has taken about a week to clear back up.

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