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Razzle Dazzle Brazell

Reintroduction To Casein

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So, I finally broke down and decided to eat some plain yogurt despite dairy intolerance. I feel even better now. I was even able to eat some carohydrates without bloating. I think I may go somewhere else to be tested for candida or bad bacteria overgrowth. I really think it is candida though because I have had thrush quite a few times before and I recognize the feeling. Whichever, the good bacteria crowding attempt is working. I also have not had any increased bloating, indigestion or loose stools. I am having a bit of a brain fog (ok so a lot of brain fog)? I hope it is candida die off. I am still gonna stay low Carb and sugar, high fiber and I am gonna get some liquid probiotics. Finally can see some proof of improvement. Every little bit helps.

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