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3 Year Old With Symptoms

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I've been gluten-free for 5 years after years of being sick. I discovered the diet on my own and got tested after going gluten-free because I was not well informed back then. My blood test for celiac was negative and the biopsy was inconclusive so I don't know if I have celiac or if I'm just very, very gluten intolerant. I did a gluten challenge for the biopsy though and thought I was going to die so there is no doubt in my mind that its poison for me. Flash forward and I now have two kids that are 3.5 and 15 months. I kept my older son gluten-free until he was 2.5 and the younger one still is. We introduced gluten very slowly with the older one and he seemed fine (ate it at birthday parties, family events, etc but that was it). But, at the beginning of the summer we switched to a new daycare that provides snacks (we provided all snacks and lunch at the old one) so he's been eating a lot more gluten in the last couple months then he ever has before (we still pack lunch which is gluten-free since our house is). He's started to complain about having trouble going to the bathroom and his behavior has changed. Last week we were on vacation and he was 100% gluten-free and the issues disappeared. He's been back at daycare this week and we got a call on Tuesday that he was hysterical because he had to go to the bathroom but couldn't. My husband had to go to daycare to calm him down and we took him to the doctor that afternoon. She said his stomach was very gurgly and bloated and that something was definitely making him uncomfortable. We did the blood test for celiac on Wednesday morning so I don't have the results but I'd love some input on other's experiences with their kids. I tend to be super paranoid about gluten after being so sick most of my life and constantly watch for symptoms in my kids so I'm a little worried that's what I'm doing here and this is really just normal stuff for a 3 year old (moodiness, tummy troubles, etc). But I also don't want to miss the signs. If the blood test comes back negative and he hasn't gone back to his normal happy self, I will be trying a gluten-free diet with him but any experience or insight would be helpful. Does it sound like gluten is bothering him? Anyone go through something similar with being gluten-free themselves and trying to figure it out with their kids? Thanks so much!

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