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  1. No problems. I went back and reread the original article and saw that there were many celiacs that continue to eat the crackers with no problems. I am not celiac, but gluten intolerant and choose to eat them now...although the dairy in them may cause me to cut them out of my diet yet. :-)

  2. Thank you so much for commenting on my post!! Yes, I think the original posts were from years ago. LOL I was just looking up anything I could find on these crackers. My intention in writing you was to agree with your comments because I felt the same way. The post was so old I couldn't respond directly to it. Anyway, thanks again! :)

  3. Hi!! I just wanted you to know that I read the posts about Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins saying they are supportive of celiac disease at the same time they are producing their product in a facility that also processes wheat!! I didn't know this until I just ate half a box of the cheddar cheese crackers!!! I was so upset because I would have never eaten them had ...

  4. I have KP, but have not been diagnosed celiac. The KP has be spreading since my daughter was born almost 7 years ago...now it's on my face, neck, shoulders, chest, arms and has been spreading down my back to my waist. According to doctors it's not caused by anything and is not harmful, because every...
  5. Hi Gail, Yes, latex is related to banana and avocado, so not surprising you react to them. It's also related to chestnut, kiwi, mango, melon, papaya, tomato, fig, etc. For more info, I've included links to cross-reaction charts in my previous post. Michelle
  6. All of those allergy items you listed are connected. I have a similar issue...the allergist called it Oral Allergy Sydrome (OAS). For me, it is all connected to my severe birch pollen allergy. The list of foods that are related is quite long, and does include wheat. For me, I simply cannot tolerate...
  7. I love onions. In any form, I love them. When I recently figured out I was intolerant to raw onion (painful reflux/heartburn), I was really disappointed, but not surprised, because intolerance to onion is common in my family. I can still eat them cooked, and hope that that doesn't change! Michelle...
  8. I don't know how related it is. It's likely just coincidence. I have tested negative for celiac, as have my kids. Doesn't mean I won't test postive down the road. However, I don't believe I am truly celiac, but gluten intolerant. Michelle
  9. I've got Classical EDS (I believe it's also considered type III). I do have hyperflexibility in many joints, with a tendency to dislocate shoulders and knees, but I cannot flex my knees or elbows backward. I have occassional joint pain as I get older, seems to be worst during weather/barometric changes...
  10. That's very interesting to hear. I'm just starting my investigation into EDS...I've got a genetics appointment next month. Since so many EDSers have IBS/GI issues, and many have autoimmune issues too, I can't help but wonder if there is a direct connection between EDS and gluten intolerance....
  11. I'm glad you found it via Google, because the list is quite long and complicated. If you still need it though, I could scan it and post the copy. Michelle
  12. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It's a genetic connective tissue disorder, which affects all tissues in the body. Cobalt is what vitamin B12 is. It is also found in metals and pigments. Chromium is in metals, glues, resins, inks/pigments, ceramics, cement, perservatives, etc. Tatoos are a no-no when...
  13. I have allergies to nickel, chromium and cobalt. Don't have a positive celiac diagnosis...but I do believe I'm gluten intolerant. Also have EDS, which is connected to skin sensitivity. Michelle
  14. I love Carnation Instant Breakfast! Alas, it's got a lot of lactose in it...add milk to that, and it's dangerous stuff...even with Ultra Lactaid. Michelle