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  1. Hello everyone, thanks for sharing your experiences. Well I´ve been having some issues for about 6 months now, headaches, dizziness, muscle spams and myalgias (back, trapezius, neck) and lately in my face, something related to a TMJ disorder combined with an awful pain in the masseter and temporalis ...
  2. Hello, I am sorry you feel like this. Some once recommended Kefir to me, it did help with my digestion, but at the same time it gave me horrible headaches and my dizziness came back. I drank it for about 3 or 4 days and it took me several weeks to "recover" from that. There is a ton of info...
  3. Hello Ciclinglady, thank you for your reply with the link to the celiac disease screening. I apologize for replying so late, I had forgotten I had posted on this page. It hasn´t been easy this couple of months, since October 2019, the dizziness comes and goes, what is new is the inflammation ...
  4. Hello, I have developed similar symptoms for 3 months now. It all started with dizziness that turned into insomnia which was terrible. It all started during the summer, I thought it was the extreme heat and perhaps that I was not drinking enough water. The dizziness started and then I was having...